Training your dogs the right way

Here are some great tips on how to train your dogs.

Training your dog isn’t hard at all, as long as you have the right tools and attitude towards it. So if you are wondering how to train your dogs keep reading!
Quick facts on training your dog
It is a good idea to start training your puppy when it is around 8 months old. If your dog is too young training it might not be a good idea because it might not fully grasp all the training.
Always have some kind of reward ready when you are starting to train your dog, food or toys are both good choices to use. Maybe rubbing your dogs belly or anything like that may also work.
Don’t keep using treats, over a period of time you can get your dog to do what you want without a treat.
Things you need to know before you start
Have some patience-Many dogs’ work and learn at different paces, you can expect all dogs to be angels and do whatever you want it to do. Some dogs may take up to a week to learn a new trick, never give up!
Don’t get mad-Losing your temper is something that is vital and goes hand in hand with being patient. Punishing your dog will just make the training harder for you do please don’t do that.
Flexibility is key-If you start using food as a reward and it isn’t working then change to something else. This applies as well to the place your training your dog at, don’t thing that the living room is always the best place to train your dog.
You will need some quality them to spend your dog to train them, don’t think that spending 5 minutes with your dog will get it to learn anything.

Rewards for your dog training sessions

For the most part many dogs love to get rewarded, I mean wouldn’t you? This is what we use to train them; giving them a reward every time they do what you want is vital in this kind of training.
The first and best kind of reward is food, or treats, they are easy to carry around as many of them are small and you can buy them at any place that sells dog food. Plus almost all dogs can’t resist these, so when you start your training go buy a pack of dog treats.
Most dogs like the treat with some kind of meat and cheese in them, now be flexible and if your dog doesn’t like some treats try other ones. Just because it said your dog will love it on the bag doesn’t mean your dog will always like it.
Another kind of reward is a non edible one, something such as patting it or scratching your dogs belly are examples of what I mean. Some dogs like this and if your dog does not like the treats that you give them then this is something else that you can consider.
Showing that you love your dog is something to consider as your dog will love you only as much as you love it. Also by doing this you two will gain some trust between each other resulting in a better overall experience when you train your dog.

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