How to train your dogs to poop on command.

Do you ever have to wait for your dog to do its thing? I mean like who wants to wait 20 minutes in the rain waiting for your dog to go, no one, and this applies to any outdoor situation.  Here is an article on how to train dogs to poop on command.
So to train your dog you first need to take it out on a walk and when the dog starts sniffing around, find a spot to do its thing you say a command work. Examples would be like “get busy” or “do your thing”. Right after be quiet until your dog is all done then give it a treat or something like that. If you do it before your dog has finished pooping then it this training method won’t work.
Also keep in mind the words that I choose to use, like “get busy” and “ do your thing”, you can choose and words you want to use but make sure they are not every day words. Like if I were to say “hurry up” as my word to signal my dog to poop well what if I was in a hurry and I told my wife to “hurry up” while my dog was right there. My dog might just take that as a signal to poop and he would do it right there which then will make me mad. So my point is to make sure you choose a phrase or word that you don’t use that often and isn’t used in frequently in everyday talking.
Do this for about 1-2 weeks; the time depends on your dog. Different dogs have different rates of them getting trained.  Then whenever you decide to take your dog out to poop just say your word and it will be done. Easy and a quick way on training your dog to poop!

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