How to train dogs not to bark

To Barking is something compared to the human way of shouting. Except it sounds a lot more intimidating and very sound. Dogs do this when they are upset or mad. Also they may bark when they are trying to protect themselves, most of all dogs decide to bark because they get lonely or something similar to that.
So how do you train dogs to not bark?
One way is to get your dog to bark on cue, this makes it so that you are able to train your dog to control their barking. This way they understand to not bark unless you give them a command or something like that. I would suggest you do this kind of dog training with your dog, I have tried this with many people and it is very effective dog training method.
Teaching your dog that being isolated can happen and it isn’t that we want to ignore the dog, we just have something else to so. This provokes your dog to bark for a long period of time until he realizes that barking won’t make you spend your time with it. After a while they will get the idea that you have a specific amount of time and will spend time with it when you have the time.
Also take note that these two methods may not always work at all times so if these methods don’t work try to do some other things. Take this to account though, when you try to train your pets make sure that you have patience.

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