How to train dogs that are hard to train??

Dogs are like humans, both are never born equal – While some dogs are dogs that will follow your every command some will do the opposite and give you a hard time. Now you may wonder, how do I train dogs that are hard to train? Well you need one very important thing, patience!
Hard to train dogs are not like different from the DNA of another dog, they are both dogs but they have genes that make them either dominant or more independent. They have two qualities that make it hard for them to be trained. These two are independence and dominance, both which play a big part in their dog training. So keep on reading to learn how to train hard to train dogs.
This is a trait that appears a lot more than any of the other traits. A dog that is independent an be sought out as a dog that doesn’t have the will or need to please their owners. Don’t get this wrong, this does not mean your dog doesn’t love you but they just are not as compliant as other dogs. Having this trait gives the owner a harder time training the dog.
This doesn’t mean that it is impossible to train these kinds of independent dogs. All you need to do is find something that you can train it with and work at it. Do not use any force to train your dogs as they already are independent using force may worsen this and make it impossible to train your dog. If you make your dog take this kind of attitude to you, you will never be able to train this dog. Then this how to train your dog article will be a waste. So let us be humane and not use force on these animals.
Now comes to the actual training part, the best way to train these dogs is to use the “cookie method”. Basically you teach your dog to do something and if your dog does it you give them a treat. This makes the training very easy and effective on how to train hard to train dogs.
A dog that is dominant does not like to be bossed around, unlike an independent dog. If you were to teach a dog how to sit an independent dog will ignore you while a dominant dog will be discontent with it.
Dominant dogs are trainable. Although they are fearsome they are easy to train and overcome. All you need to do is become the alpha of the family and make sure the dog knows it as well. After you are established as the authority figure in the family then they will fallow you and will not cause you any trouble.

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