How to train dogs

Many people may wonder how to train dogs, it is a hard process to train dogs and even harder when some dogs are very stubborn. When training dogs it is very crucial that you are patient for if you are not they will take that to their advantage.  When you are patient and keep going at it with training dogs then you will be fine. It turns the question of how to train dogs to how to not train them. Don’t ever hit the dog because this just makes it very aggressive, as well as cage it. Treats are a very good thing to use, if you want your dog to sit or rollover it is good to give them a treat afterwards. This signals to the dog that if they did whatever it did they would get something good to eat.
Pretend you have a puppy that constantly urinates on the floor and it is something that you hate cleaning and the smell is just horrific. You wonder how to train dogs like this?  A good way is to first give it stern look as if you would with a child and then say no the same stern manner. This way the puppy understands that they have some something wrong and will try to change it. After try getting it to go outside or wherever you want it to urinate.
Many dogs love to get the attention of their owner and get some attention. So it would be more than just great when you are training your dog because you are also spending time with you. The next time you think, how do I train my dog just think of these.

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