Constipation on dogs

How would you know if your dog is constipated?

If you ever take your dog out on a run and see that he or she is having trouble pooping . Also if the feces are dry and have blood on them as well as blood on the dogs rectum area.

Treating dog constipation

If it is only mild constipation then you should just trat the dog at home. Like humans if you give dogs more fiber this will help with the dogs constipation problem.

An effective treatment is using canned pumpkins.Dogs like the taste of the unsweetened as to the sweet kind. You can just serve it with the regular dog food that they eat. 1 tablespoon is good for a 25lb dog, 2 tablespoon for 50lb dog and 3 tablespoon for a dog 50+lbs. Feed them twice a day for maximum effectiveness.

If constipation constantly occurs to your dog, this would be a permanent solution and should be something you do everyday to help prevent constipation with your dog.

Milk gives many dogs diarrhea so owners tend to give dogs milk to help them. This is not a good solution, milk contain enzymes that some dogs cannot break down and it becomes toxic. So your best bet is to stay away from milk at all times.

Constipation for a dog does not mean it is just constipation, there might be other diseases that are even deadlier and constipation is just a symptom of it. So after you give your dog some treatment and it does not work then be sure to take your pet to the vet. The safer solution!

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